Please send us your Korean and English resumes and profiles to by attached files or after registering your membership, fill in the form on the site. Those companies or groups that are looking for talent, please send us details of your request to or fill in the form at the site. Please call +82-2-555-7234 for more information. Requests such as investment attraction inquiry, business foundation consulting, M&A administration consulting, education consulting, overseas business inquiry, venture company support and administration consulting can be contacted by telephone, e-mail, or personal visit. The person in charge will visit and provide you with counseling.

 First apply for membership and register your details if you are looking for a job
    or trying to find a new job.

You can still have lots of opportunities and get job information from our company. We always maintain the utmost discretion when working for you and avoid attracting undue attention. If you fail to move to another job, you won’t be judged by anybody. Usually, we have recommended people at the CEO level, but now managers can also be among those listed as candidates. If your qualifications are satisfactory, 2 or 3 years of career experience doesn’t matter. Registration is fairly easy. Prepare your Korean and English resume and career experience focusing on your project achievements and send them to by attached files or fill in the form on the site. An English resume was indispensable before, but a Korean resume is also acceptable these days. Of course, if you only prepare a Korean resume, your English will be considered poor and it will be difficult for you to find foreign companies to work for. You should advertise your value as a product on the market in your resume and profile. Also, distinguishing yourself from other people by recommending your merits in your field is very important. Please write down your expected job position, area and annual salary within a reasonable range to ensure a greater chance of success.

 We classify and keep all those accepted and process documents according to
    the occupation category such as information and communication, financing,
    marketing, circulation, management, and engineering.

If you are considered a “qualified candidate”, you will receive a call for an interview in advance for the company to discuss with you about your expected salary and other working conditions. And if the company makes a request for an employee, we will examine the papers and interview applicants in advance and selected person will be introduced to the customer. Then, the applicant and the company will decide on the salary and working conditions after discussion. If your job is confirmed, the company will pay a service fee to us.

 Even though you are registered on our site, it doesn’t always mean that you
    will find a new job.

Sometimes, you won’t even have a chance to have an interview with a company. Therefore, you have to get ready as a soldier in a battle at any time to improve your qualities. You should enhance your reputation by writing for newspapers or expertise magazines or attending seminars as well as enhancing your English, computer skills, and capabilities in the work process. At the same time, you should devote all your effort to the job at hand. If you take your present job indifferently, as you don’t know when you are going to leave, your reputation will go down and it will affect your new job search badly. When a company hires someone, they also count on his or her reputation from his or her colleagues or supervisors.


When you move to another job, you have to consider the potential rather than salary. Instead of pursuing money, focus on the experience you can get from your new job or the potential of the company. Most of all, a pleasant working atmosphere will help you settle into your new job. Find out about the culture of the organization and the atmosphere. The service fee is basically on the company. There is no charge for applicants. But try not to jump to different fields too often as most companies are reluctant to hire those persons who change jobs too often and they only count a career related to your new job and you can be sold short. For example, the value of specialists is increasing as time goes by as people see them as experts in one field. If you want to increase your value, you can rely on us and send us your resume for lifetime career management even though you are not willing to find a new job. We understand the economic conditions and the trends in the industry more than anyone and will provide you with information at any time. Of course we will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity. Make your own opportunities now!

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