I. Don Chae, Advisor
Seoul National University: Bachelor of Science (Industrial Engineering)
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology: Master of Science (Industrial Engineering)
Georgia State University: Master of Business Information Systems
Ohio State University: Completed Ph.D. course work (Expert Systems)

Topheadhunter, Advisor
Mediachorus, Vice President
Adamsoft, Executive Director
Halla Information Systems, General Manager

Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission Interview Committeeman
Republic of Korea Ministry of Environment Interview Committeeman

Foreign MNCs, Financial (bank, insurance, securities), Industrial (automobile, railroad, mfg.), Professional Consulting, etc.

E-Mail : idchae@topheadhunter.co.kr
  Man Shik Seo, CEO
University in Korea: Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource, OB and Marketing)

Topheadhunter, CEO & President
MSD Korea, CEO & President
A pharmaceutical company, Marketing Sales Manager

Taekkyon United Nations Congress Executive Director
Samsung Economic Research Institute Headhunter Forum Chairman (http://www.seri.org/forum/topheadhunter/)
Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission Interview Committeeman
Republic of Korea Ministry of Environment Interview Committeeman
Rural Aspire Foundation Interview Committeeman

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical, Bio-tech, Alternative energy, Environment, Ecology, etc.

E-Mail : ceo@topheadhunter.co.kr
  Yong Sun Ahn, Consultant
Chonnam National University: Bachelor of Science
(Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering)

Topheadhunter, Chief Consultant
Bright Industrial, CEO & President
MSD Korea, Senior Consultant

Chemistry, Materials, Consumer, Retail, Textile, Fashion, etc.

E-Mail : sky@topheadhunter.co.kr
  Jae-Hyoung Shim, Consultant
Seoul National University of Technology (Industrial engineering)

Topheadhunter, Manager Consultant
JOBVINA, HR general manager
HRvina, search-firm general manager
Realtoys, CEO & President

Finance, IT, HR consulting, R&D, etc

E-Mail : shim@topheadhunter.co.kr
  Joong -Whan Lee, Consultant
Korea University : Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics)

Topheadhunter, Consultant
Korea Communication, CEO
LG Ad, Director/AE
Oricom, Manager/AE

Social Activity
The National Union Of Taekkyon For All, Managing Director
The National Union Of Taekkyon For All In Seoul, Vice-Chairman

Publish,Advertise ,Medical, Bio-tech, Environment, Ecology, etc
E-Mail : trade@topheadhunter.co.kr
  Yu Jin Jeon, Consultant
Seoul Womens University ( English literature )

- Topheadhunter Consultant
- HR, Search firm manager

Semiconductors, Electric, Electronics, Service industry, Chemistry, Consumer, etc.
E-Mail : eugene@topheadhunter.co.kr
  Hongshick Kim, Consultant
New York Institute of Technology : Master of Business Administration (MBA General Management)
Upper Iwoa University :Bachelor of Science ( Computer science)
Hong Ik University Bachelor of Engneering (metallurgy and material science engneering)

-Top headhunter Consultant
-Steel service center

Materials, IT, Finance, CRM etc

E-Mail : blue@topheadhunter.co.kr
  Mi Jeong Park, Consultant
Bachelor of Arts(English Literature)

Head Of Administration / Human Resource Room (MSD, Co. Ltd.)
Deputy Manager : Research Team / Consultant Team (Topheadhunter, Inc.)

Secretary, Textile, Design, Agriculture, Foods, etc.

E-Mail : prman@topheadhunter.co.kr

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