Goals of Topheadhunter are Customer Satisfaction and Customer First by perfectly meeting requirements of a company and an individual through best customer services.

That is, Topheadhunter provides enterprises and universities with advisory services of recommending specialized human resources of high level required by customers at the best appropriate time and at the best suitable position so that the customers can obtain their best results.


Our main clients are people who are capable, enterprises and educational institutions throughout the world, and Topheadhunter supports persons and enterprises to find mutually desired jobs and persons in the most efficient way, including positive search and development of excellent overseas human resources. By means of such effort, Topheadhunter is doing its best to contribute to the growth and development of an individual, an enterprise and to the consolidation of competitive power as well in the end.

Topheadhunter has completed about 1000 projects including general job positions successfully and 150 projects of them are for upper- manager level position. Currently Top is performing projects for search of top management for about 10 companies and projects for about 150 companies.

In particular, Topheadhunter is promoting projects to make most of overseas companies in the world be our customers. You can meet the consultants armed with experience and know-how of such projects in Topheadhunter. At present , the consultants specialized in each field under President Man Shik Seo work in Topheadhunter. Topheadhunter also has advisors and counselors participating in each project, and stockholders who give their best support to us.

Topheadhunter provides human resource consulting services for specialists and top management including upper- and middle-level manager and for assistants such as staffs, secretaries etc.

We will be a successful partner with institutions, enterprises and capable persons with respect to employment of human resources and enterprise management if you entrust it to us.

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