Topheadhunter, the professional headhunting company, is providing the comprehensive online and offline recruitment service.

Topheadhunter has a lot of experience as the headhunting partner of numerous multinational companies and many candidates including professionals and R&D manpower. It initially started from Daedeok valley and is the company providing the headhunting service. Furthermore, more than 150 thousand outstanding talent including bioengineering, marketing, finance, distribution, electronics, service, and consumer industry are secured, and DB is available for immediate recommendation.

The correct information is provided for job seekers and employers. We always strive for correctly setting up new recruiting culture, occupation or employment change culture, and a career management concept. Topheadhunter is waiting for the company and the person who are interested in doing successful business through business alliance.

We would like to cooperate and communicate with the person having the original idea on invitation of partners and partner companies representing countries, alliance, advertisement and link exchange, contents alliance, service alliance, and event planning.

As for the details in relation to partner support and alliance proposals, the corresponding format of a proposer is respected. However, items such as company name (name in case of an individual), representative, the person in charge, phone number, e-mail, main business type, alliance details, and desired things (Ex.: The person having the original idea on a headhunting request, partner support, alliance as a partner company, advertisement and link exchange, contents alliance, service alliance, and event alliance) need to be put down without omission. We will review them and contact you by phone or e-mail.

The person or company who want to discuss the partner invitation, alliance, proposal, and headhunting request with us needs to contact us. Representative Phone: +82-2-555-7234, Fax: +82-2-561-1441, Representative E-Mail:

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